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Best 12 Paid Surveys Sites

We all usually have a bit of spare time, with no realistic work to opt for. Why not we invest it and turn into cash. Online surveys is a great job for people who want to earn without making any hard efforts. Many big and small companies throughout the world invest billions of dollars annually to examine the market and its behavior. They infact want to know their customers and their shopping trends and patterns. For this they conduct research surveys which give them valuable information related to their customers and the market. Reaching the customers in the market and getting a valuable insight is not easy.

Finding this gap between the businesses and the customers, some people and companies have started creating a platform to connect both these entities-these are survey companies. Survey companies help other multinational and national firms in getting their survey research filled and completed. There are many survey firms in the market, but there are only some who are legit and does pay actually. 

These companies pay out a small fee for filling each survey form. Only one form is assigned to a person. The from-fillers are just required to give their opinions and get paid for it. Form-fillers can make hundereds of dollars every month with this technique. 

Few things form-fillers should know before they fill the form are 1. whether they qualify for the survey (as many surveys are restricted to ages, location, industry etc)? and 2. they should be honest while filling the form, otherwise their form will be rejected. 

These are some of the best legit online survey companies;

Global Test Market:

Super Pay Me:

Inbox Dollars:

My Surveys:

Cash Crate:

Permission Research:

Minds Pay Us:

Survey Savvy:

Vip Voice:


Earning Station:

Harris Poll:

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