Sunday, August 23

Best Ten Sites For Selling Artwork

Are you an artist looking for making some money out of your art? Selling the art has never been so easy before than it is nowadays. The beginning of online virtual marketplaces has made buying and selling quite convenient and quick. Now anyone can buy and sell anything through these marketplaces. Artists worldwide also has started buying and selling their arts through these virtual marketplaces. Here are the best eight virtual marketplaces for selling artworks online. 


At Amazon you can buy and sell anything you love. Amazon Art Curators allow artists from all over the world sell their paintings, drawings, photography, prints and mixed media. Artists can choose what and how they want to sell. Prices vary accordingly. For example, artists selling more than 40 artworks are required to choose professional plan and have to pay $40.00/month as service charges plus a sales commission. The site also has experts from art, fashion and design who choose their favorite picks in the art gallery.


Artisouls is virtual marketplace for selling handmade and vintage products. Artists can sell jewelery, health care items, furniture, apparels, craft supplies etc. There is no membership fee for listing items, rather there is only a 5% service charges on sales price.


Artpal is a growing community of artists for buying and selling art online. Artists can create their own gallery without any membership fee and sell anything they want (photography, paintings, sculptures, glasses etc). It's up to the seller either it prints and sells itself or just designs and let the company print and sell the art. If the seller decides to print and sell itself, the company retains 5% of the sales price as service fee.  

Creative Market:

Creative market is a website used by almost ten thousand independent artists to sell photos, graphics, templates, themes, fonts etc. Artists have access to their own gallery and can set their own price and change them anytime they want. Artists retain 70% of the sales price. 


At Etsy artists and craftspeople can open up their own online retail shop and sell their artwork that may include vintage items, handmade goods, designs, paintings, craft supplies etc. It only costs $0.20 to list the item until it sells and a service fee of 3.5% of the sales price when the item is sold. 

Red Bubble:

It is one of best artwork selling platform, with artists selling any artwork related to apparels, home decor, wall art, cases, stationary etc. Artists only have to to create designs and the company will deal with the rest of things_printing, shipping and customer service. Currently, artists on average make 17% profit margin of the retail price, but they are free to choose whatever profit margin they like.

Saatchi Art:

It is also among the world's famous online marketplace for selling artworks. Saatchi art allows artists to upload images of their artwork for free and sell them at their own price. Artists can make changes to their art gallery and price any time they want. Saatchi charges 30% of the sales price as it service fee.


It is a growing platform which contains some cool pieces of artwork. Here, artists sell their attractive pieces of artwork for men, women, children and home-decoration. Artworks may include apparels, cases and skins, pillows, mugs etc. Young artists should give it a try.    


It is one of the oldest sites for selling art online. Artists can sell sculptures, carvings, illustrations, photography, jewelery, antiques, pottery etc. There is free 14-day trial, but afterwards an annual fee of $59.00 is applied. Yessy doesn't charge any sales commission. 


Zazzle is an interesting online platform for creating and selling one's own merchandise. Artists can create their own unique merchandise design and upload it. The company will manufacture and ship the product on their behalf and shares a percentage of revenue with them. Artists can post any merchandise design from electronics, clothes, glasses, photos etc.

These sites are making great success among the masses of people and millions of people every month visit them and buy their favorite artworks online and easily. These sites allowed artists all over the world to make a good income from their unique arts.