Monday, August 24

Freelancing And Freelancer Sites

Are you a freelancer? Or do you know who is called a freelancer and what does freelancing mean? Let me define what is freelancing and why the concept is being popularized day by day. A freelancer, as the dictionary definition describes, is someone who performs tasks, usually for multiple employers, over the course of a year. Freelancers are not considered as employees, hence, they can work for other employers and are permitted to work in their own way. This concept is called freelancing. Freelancers are can choose to work either full-time, part-time or on hourly basis. There are a variety of online jobs available for freelancers worldwide and anyone can earn income just by getting those jobs. There are many websites for freelancers, but the following ones are famous among freelancers worldwide due to their easy terms and payment security.

Freelancer is another freelance sites that connects contractors around the world easily. It offers it services in areas like administrative support, design and multimedia, sales and marketing, customer support, database management, networking, software development etc. It is used by almost 8.2 million contractors worldwide and up to this day, almost 5 million jobs have been posted. The estimated combined value of projects is 1.2 billion dollars. 
Jobs are posted on the base of hourly and fixed rate and the target users are individual and small businesses. The service fee is 10%, while contractor's earning percentage is 87%. There is no posting and subscription fee.

Fiverr is a great idea based on "offering a gig", what service you can offer for just $5. Every service offered at fiverr starts from $5 and contract winner can charge the client additional price for additional services not included in the $5 gig. 
Fiverr offers services in areas like writing and translation, video and animation, marketing, business and administrative support, research, programming and technology, advertising, graphic designing etc. Any seller can post as many gigs as he or she wants and have to wait until a buyer buys the gig. 
Fiverr is easy and convenient but it is relatively expensive as it charges 20% of the transaction amount as its service fee,for every $5 gig you sold, you get $4.


An Upwork company, Elance offers services in similar areas like customer services, information technology, sales and marketing, education and training, business support etc. It is employed by almost 2.5 million contractors around the globe for job offerings and to this date 3.5 million jobs have been posted. The target users are small businesses, enterprises and individuals. jobs are posted based on fixed and hourly rate.
The service fee is 8.75% and the transaction money is secured by Escrow Service. the contractor's earning percentage is 91.25%. There is no posting and subscription fee.


Guru is a growing freelance community, with over 1.5 million members worldwide. It offers services in areas  similar to other freelance sites like education, programming, networking, information technology, customer support, software development, multimedia production etc. Up to this day, almost 1 million jobs have been posted and $200 million have been paid to gurus worldwide. 
Guru charges its service fee dependent on the membership level of the freelancer, i.e. basic and basic+ members pay 8.95% of the transaction amount as service cost, professional members pay 6.95%, business members pay 5.95% and executive members pay 4.95%.

Toptal is yet another famous freelance site that has expertise in the field of developers. It connects highly professional developers in the field of technology and engineering with businesses around the world. It claims to have the top 3% of the developers worldwide. Toptal's clients are famous national and multinational companies like J.P Morgan, Airbnb, Zendesk, Gucci etc. Toptal has it screening test for developers which they have to pass to qualify as a professional developer.
The pricing strategy used by toptal is based on the mutual consent of the toptal and its clients. generally it divides its pricing strategy into the following four categories;
1. $1,800 - $3,200+/week per full-time Front-End or Back-End engineer
2. $1,000 - $1,600+/week per part-time Front-End or Back-End engineer
3. $1,200 - $1,800+/week per full-time Quality Assurance (QA) engineer
4. $600 - $1,000+/week per part-time Quality Assurance (QA) engineer

It is also among the top freelancer sites that offer services in areas like web development, information technology, administrative support, writing and translation, design and multimedia etc. It is used by almost a half million contractors worldwide and services are offered on hourly basis.
A 15% of the transaction amount is deducted as service charges and an additional 3.5% is deducted as employer commission, with remaining 81.5% of the transaction amount being paid by the freelancer.

Previously oDesk, Upwork is designed for enterprises, individuals, and small business users. It is an outsourcing marketplace that offers services in many areas including writing and translation, software development, administrative support, customer services, sales and marketing, networking, information technology etc. These services are listed and required by almost 3.1 million contractors worldwide and to this date 3.6 million jobs have been completed. Billions of dollars are paid annually to freelancers around the world. 
Anyone can post and register for a job free of cost. A fee of 10% of the transaction amount is deducted as commission for the services provided by the company. Moreover, contractor's earning percentage is 90%. 

99design is yet another freelance sites that provides a rich design services worldwide. Its service areas include designs for logos, websites, apparels, infographics, merchandise, books, packaging etc. employers need to select a level, based on their work requirements related to quality and quantity, and outsource their contracts worldwide. Designers around the globe will create ideas for the employers and the successful designer will win the contract. 
The pricing strategy varies depending on the level of your contract and the nature of the work. for example, logo design in bronze level cost $299, silver level cost $499, in gold level cost $799 and in platinum level cost $1199. The work quality and quantity varies alongside these factors.

There are many others freelance sites available, but these are the most famous and used by millions of people worldwide. They assure quality work and secured payment method. 
In the end, I would like to make certain concepts more clear and comprehensible.

Employer commission is a service fee the marketplace takes from the employer that is based on the total price of the project they are posting.
Contractor's earning commission is he total percentage of the list price for a service that the contractor will receive, after all applicable fees and commissions have been subtracted. Sites that have 100% contractor earnings percentage instead charge employers a fee to post a project or assignment.

If anyone of you has ever worked with a freelancing platform, share it your experience of working with our readers in the comments below.