Wednesday, August 26

Best Eight Online Tutoring Platforms

A tutor, as the dictionary definition describes, is an individual who gives basic instructions and guidance to other individuals or small groups. A tutor shares its extensive knowledge and experience with students to help them reach a point where they can be an independent learner, thus no need of support.
Anyone can start tutoring from home and make it a part-time or full-time business. It cost a little or nothing at all to start this business. All you need are an Internet connection, subject knowledge and a few school stationary items.
There are also online sites which provide valuable materials for subject knowledge and tutoring. If you enjoy helping others and teaching children, this can be a great start-up for you. This can be a great opportunity for college students.

Here are the top eight virtual platforms for online tutoring;


Wiziq is one of the best tutoring platforms which allow tutors build their own virtual classrooms and set their own prices. There is also a mobile app which can also be used on tablet device to teach virtually to anyone in the world and anything you want. There are a great variety of courses available and you can either create your courses or teach live. The price of setting up a virtual course classroom with 10 attendees is $190/year.


It is also a famous platforms and widely used by tutors worldwide. Students can't only get classes but also get their homework simplified. Tutors are experts in their subject fields. Courses like calculus, algebra, chemistry, physics, English etc are taught. For one-hour class, the minimum service is $39.99/month. Moreover, there are different membership plans are available.


Udemy is a widely used online platform for teachers and students. You can begin by creating your content (design, art, business, education, music or anything you have expertise of), publish it and then finally promote it. You can set your own price for your content and receive 100% of the revenue, except for a small fee for processing your payments. It is free to join.


Skooli is a new online tutoring site which allow students take any course available. Most of the courses are school and college level. It even helps students find a tutor form its own university network.  There is also a free 60 minutes beginning trial for students. Prices vary based on membership plan. A basic plan cost $10/week, plan A cost $17/week and plan A+ cost $30/week.

Tutor Vista:

Tutor Vista is also among the famous platforms for online tutoring. Subjects are taught using white boards. The subjects available are science, maths, biology, English, physics and chemistry. Students can get help in solving assignments, preparing for exams and mastering difficult concepts. Prices vary depending on the course level. 

Tutor Hub:

It is UK's famous platform for online tutoring, with 1163 tutors. Students start by selecting a tutor, deciding how to learn and when, arranging a lesson, and scheduling the classes. The payments are made first before starting the class. But there is also a pay back guarantee, if the student is not happy. 
There is a wide variety of subjects available and prices vary alongside teachers and courses.


It is also a great platform and quite famous in India and the rest of the world. Tutors just have to start with creating their profile and showcasing their talent and knowledge and wait until a student contact. There is a free demo class in the beginning. Students are free to choose any teacher worldwide that suit them and payments are decided based on the teacher-student mutual consent.


An interesting platform for students which allow them to share their study notes and guides with other students for a fee. Students also can get video help from other students for their assignments. You can sell your study notes or guides to anyone in the world for a fee and earn a handsome income. Prices are dependent on the seller, how much it charges for its study materials.

Share your experience of working for any of them, or other online platforms, and build a supporting say for your site.