Tuesday, August 25

Best Ten Sites For Micro Tasks

A small task is generally a simple and convenient task or assignment that can be completed within a short span of time. While doing these tasks, workers are free to choose any time they are willing to work and any task that interest them. These tasks may vary in nature like writing, transcribing video, creating content, collecting data, completing surveys etc. It is a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms and part-time students.

Here are the top ten widely used platforms for micro tasks;


An interesting iphone app which allows you to earn money easily by completing simple shifts on your iphne. the microtasks are simple like taking photos, checking prices and finding if a product is available in the stock. Once the task completed, you will be paid through your paypal account within 48 hours. It pays anywhere between $2.00 to $20.00 per task. It is almost available in all cities of the USA. 

Clickworker is an online platform which offers many tasks related to translation, writing, data collection, researching, text creation etc. The service is available in almost 136 countries. As a clickworker, you have to start with registering yourself as a clickworker, that also includes your qualification as a clickworker, and then bid on the job. Clickworker pays when your bank account reaches $1.00, and payments are made through SEPA bank account transfers and paypal. 

An iphone app that helps you find many small gigs to do in your desired area, like completing surveys, taking pictures, collecting audio and videos etc. Task are available anywhere from $3.00 to $12.00 and payments are made via paypal. It has also been featured on Forbes,  CNET and The New York Times. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Here, at Amazon Mechanical Turk, you can make money simply by working in HITS-human intelligence tasks. You can work anywhere in the world and choose whatever HITS match your skills. Submit the task to the one who posted and when it approves, you get paid through your amazon account.

This site divides individuals into two categories i.e. seekers and solvers. The seekers (companies or individuals) offer the task and the solvers solve the task. The solvers get paid once the seeker approves the task. thousands of small tasks are posted everyday like writing a review, transcribing a video, posting a blog, taking a photo, leaving a comment etc. You can withdraw your money once it reaches $50.00.
It is an online platform that can also be managed through iphone application. At Gigcoin you can apply for small gigs posted that match your skills such as blogging, writing, surveys, promoting a product etc. Payments are made fast and through paypal. Gigcoin even pays the paypal fees of its members. The minimum payout is $5. 


Gigwalk is a platform for workforce individuals based on mobile. It effectively manages distributed teams and collaboration with other workers just by using smartphones. You simply have to register, apply and complete the task. Gigwalk is available in multiple US cities and is featured by Forbes, CNN and Business Insider.


CrowdFlower is yet another online virtual platform where you can complete tasks relating to data collection, designing, translation, content creation, internet search etc. It has around 5 million contributors worldwide.  

Microworkers is a virtual platform used by almost 700,000 users worldwide. It offers small tasks like filling out a form, promoting an app, leaving a comment, collecting data, generating content etc. Jobs are updated every four hour and the minimum withdrawal amount is $2.00.


It is a virtual platform where anyone can bid for small tasks that might include mowing the lawn, picking up dry cleaning, finding assistant etc. You can find or post jobs based on location, rates and other limits.

Does anyone of you make money using these or any other platforms? Which companies work for you and which don't?