Friday, August 21

Best Ten Sites For Website Testing

Do you know you can make money online just by giving your opinions about website design, quality, ease-of-use, performance etc. Companies want to know if their websites are user-friendly or not. They need assurance that their websites have quality content, attractive design and is user-friendly, as these are the factors that attract traffic to the website. If their websites lack quality content and design, they can lose traffic and, hence, money. For this reason they hire website testers to provide them significant insight into their websites-for the content and design being user-friendly.

So, what a website tester is expected to do?
A website tester is expected to examine the content, design and ease-of-use of the website and provide useful information to the company in how they can make positive changes to the website design and content. 

The things you need to be a website tester is you being Internet savvy, an Internet connection, updated browser, microphone, and basic English language skills. You may also need writing skills as some companies might require you to write the website reviews.

Here are the seven legit website testers platforms;


Analysia is a great platform for website testers. It just takes 15 minutes to complete a task on Analysia and for each task the website tester is paid $10.00. Anyone with an internet connection and a microphone can apply for the task. Payments are made via paypal.


With enroll, you can take website-testing tasks either your phones, tablets or desktops. Tests are assigned before website-publishing and each task earns the website-tester rewards which can be compensated for cash. Payments are made via paypal. Once registered, you will be invited for participation in tests via your email address.

Feedback Army:

The tasks are based on questions and testers are required to answer those questions. Each test is based on 10 questions about websites. You should have an account with Amazon Mechanical Turk before working for feedback army. Payment varies from website to website and are transferred, once the test is approved, to the tester's Amazon Payment account. 

Loop 11:

Anyone as young as the age of 14 can take tests and make $5.00 per completed test. Each test takes 10 minutes to complete. The site has also been featured by Mashable, Entrepreneur and GetApp.


It allows testers to provide feedback on websites, concepts, designs, ideas, products, apps and stores. testers are required to pass a sample qualification test before receiving assignments. Each task pays $10.00 and take 15 to 20 minutes. Payments are made biweekly and via paypal.


Userfeel pays $10 for each task website-testers take. The registration process also involves a sample test and once your registration approved, you will start receiving tasks through your email. Payments are made at the end of each week and via paypal. 

User Testing:

User-testing is available for every website-tester who can receive payments via paypal. Companies like Google, Airbnb, Walmart, Home Depot is using this site. Each task earns the website-tester $10.00 or in some cases even $15.00. Each test takes 15 to 20 minutes.

You Eye:

With YouEye, websites-testers can earn $12.00 per assignment. For receiving more tasks, a smartphone is recommended for the site's official app. Website-tester must be 18 years old.


WhatUsersDo pay around $12.50 per completed task and payments are made via paypal on the 25th of each month. Each task takes less than 20 minutes to complete. While doing the task, the testers activity is recorded. 


With Userlytics, testers can earn by providing feedback on websites, prototypes, applications etc. Each test earns the tester $10.00 and payments are made via paypal. The presence of webcam and microphone is required for completing tests.

So have any of you ever worked as a website-tester. If yes, kindly share which site you work for and how is your experience. Your sharing will benefit our viewers and will be highly appreciated.